Empower Employment Training is a competitive integrated employment program. Our belief that diversity and inclusion are the building blocks of personal growth and a successful business is our mission. 

Our program trains, develops and builds the skills of people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities so that they may enter and thrive in the workforce alongside other talented and highly skilled workers. 

This is accomplished through a comprehensive job training curriculum, that includes on-site internships at companies across the Los Angeles area that share our diversity and inclusivity philosophy. Our training and life-long support cultivates our clients into work-force ready professionals.

African Coffee Company is a book store and gourmet coffee shop. The business receives and resells donated books for profit, offers imported and domestic coffee and serves as a community meeting place. ACC will be dedicated to providing jobs for community members including (but not limited to) persons living with I/DD and Veterans. 

African Coffee Company: Books, Coffee, Community.