Our professional mentors use a method of customized one-on-one training, teaching both personal and professional development begins with a process called discovery which is an exploratory process where we ask: If you could be or anything, what would you like to be?



The DREAM phase begins with one on one discovery with a trained job mentor who provides guidance and support throughout the entire process. 

Discovery starts with developing a relationship with our Young Professionals (we affectionately call them "Yo Pros") through conversation, activities and informational interviewing. Based on the findings, a customized PLAN is crafted specifically for each Yo Pros to meet their dreams and goals.


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The PLAN phase begins with analyzing the data collected during the DREAM phase and setting markers to complete their goals. This is analogous to the stage after a college student chooses a major and begins to train in that area of concentration. The PLAN phase is subject to multiple reassessments to sharpen the Yo Pro's area of focus and adjust the IEP as desired.




The DO phase is where we take action! The training continues in a live setting, as an intern with one of our corporate partnerships.

The Young Professional, ESI. and the business providing the internship work together to customize the plan. Those terms may include work schedule, pay rates, job duties and a timeline for fading. Progress data is recorded assessed, by ESI and the employer.

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