what is ESI?

EMPOWER SOCIAL INVESTORS is an investment firm and advocate for the forgotten and underserved citizens of our society. 

Our programs are centered around providing people with the resources, expert mentors, education and training to attain economic empowerment and personal/professional growth.



Our belief that diversity and inclusion are the building blocks of personal growth and a successful business is the reason why we've chosen an employment training program as our first project.

This program provides employment training and job placement for people who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We take great pride in giving the folks that society has, for the most part, discarded to the side and labeled "unqualified" in the work force - the folks who are told to settle for a life of no ambition because others can't see their potential.

This program opens doors for our developmentally disabled brothers and sisters by giving job training, guidance, and just sheer belief that they have the potential to have jobs and careers alongside other talented and highly skilled workers.

African Coffee Company - Books, Coffee, Community™ 

African Coffee Company is a book store and gourmet coffee shop. The business receives and resells donated books for profit, offers imported and domestic coffee and serves as a community meeting place. ACC will be dedicated to providing jobs for community members including (but not limited to) persons living with I/DD and Veterans. 



Chocolate fit club - chocolate people getting healthy together™ 

Chocolate Fit Club is a wellness accountability community. We meet weekly for accountability weigh-ins, updates, trainings, group workouts and more. CFC's food program will give away healthy food provided by the Food Bank and provide a healthy meal service for a reasonable price.

Executive Team



Director of operations

Hello, I'm Diana!

I am a natural born helper. My usual position is to be the person behind the scenes making sure that things run well, but I'm not shy about interacting with others because I love people!



Chief Mentor/president

Hey I'm Keith and I started ESI to help people, professionally & personally, grow and thrive. I'm as unpretentious as they come, but I am confident in my God given ability to help people discover and fulfill their purpose. I LOVE watching and participating in an individual's growth process. Nothing makes me happier!





Cierra Bryant - Business Etiquette Expert, Personal Stylist,

Cierra Bryant - Business Etiquette Expert, Personal Stylist,

Monica Altre - Medical and Mental Healthcare Professional

Monica Altre - Medical and Mental Healthcare Professional

Robin Bishop - Professor of Psychology

Robin Bishop - Professor of Psychology

Adrian Marsh - Infrastructure Technology Specialist

Adrian Marsh - Infrastructure Technology Specialist